I've been at this for a while, officially since the start of 1995 upon joining the school's photography club and winning my first competition that same year, deciding that this was the creative side of me I wanted to tap into as a career, but the truth is that I had always been playing around with cameras. I have rooted deep within my bones a long-standing passion for both motorsport and music respectively, which drives and stands at the core of my fanatical approach towards photography. Two very different disciplines which revolve at opposite ends of the spectrum, with precision at the axis.

Thank you for taking the time stopping by to have a look at my website portfolio, much appreciated.

I was extremely fortunate to start out with a Minolta SR-T101 SLR camera which provided me with a better understanding of the mechanical nature of film photography and the direct impact the elements of exposure has on film. This in turn influenced my approach as well as always maintaining a high hit ratio, acquired skills which still form a part of my technique to date.  I always shoot on full manual, allowing my second nature feel for the correct exposure to guide the parameters of my composition, essentially leaving my mind free to focus on capturing the right moment at the right fraction of an instant.

The switch to digital photography was inevitable and finally dawned during the development of 2005.

A part of that final decisive phase, in knowing that it was the right time, was the opportunity to specialize in motorsport, covering single-seater corporate events from 2007-2009 and awarded MSA accreditation in 2009, active until 2013.  Although I still accept assignments for capturing action around race tracks, my focus has shifted to live music acts which presents new challenges.  As much as these two categories balance at the opposite ends of one another, there are more similarities than one might care to think... and without a doubt, motorsport photography prepared me for the constraints of concert photography.

My work has been printed in magazines, newspapers, posters and inside a hardcover encyclopedia.  Additionally some of my photographs have been published by reputable international online sources.

I would love to discuss assignments, rates, licensing questions or any other pertinent information with you, please use the contact form to drop me an email.


Nelle Visagie  ||  Photographer